Our Showroom

Interior Solutions 25

The showroom is filled with perfectly crafted furniture pieces, contemporary paintings by local artists, stunning fabrics, beautiful flooring, and imaginative lighting, all to fire up the imagination.  Oh and a coffee pot bubbling that always ‘speaks’, please come and talk to us.

Our Team

Nicky Owen-Hughes (Finance Manager and P.A. to Rebecca) Nicky has worked alongside Rebecca for many years. She is the Studio’s finance brains and operational mentor.

Gemma Bedford (Senior Designer and Project Manager) A talented artist and London trained interior designer, Gemma’s instinctive creativity is respected by all. This is matched equally by an exacting attention to detail, budgets and deadlines.

Lauren Peters (Junior Designer, training in Interior Designer and Interior Architect) Lauren is midst completing her Interior Design and Interior Architecture studies, and is developing a deft touch when it comes to CAD Drawings. We support all students with hands on experience, alongside the team, sharing our knowledge.

What some of our clients say about us

Who knew she could do it all…Rebecca quite simply did the whole lot from architect to planning to build through to the sofa we sit on today

And what a delightful job she did

Max, Twickenham

Rebecca is a heady mix of straight-talking, get the job done professionalism with a creative solution and a contact for everything.

James, Petworth

Rebecca has a rare ability to get under the skin of what a client really wants, then to build on and improve that vision.

Esther, Kensington

Just some of the questions we are asked


What is the common misconception of interior design ?

It is a popular misconception that Interior Designers only work with the ‘pretty stuff’.  In truth it is not always about the material luxury.   A large part of what we do is to make spaces functional, safe, and beautiful. We don’t just play with fabrics, paints and decorative items. We have to determine inside and outside layouts, work closely with architects and builders and be well-versed in building codes and all the regulations to deliver the project to budget.


How much do you charge and can you work within my budget ?

I know budgets can be tough to talk about. I also feel reality TV has blurred the lines between affordability, timeliness, and realistic expectations.  The clarity of the overall budget within the expectations defines what fees we charge as a company, be it either CAD fees, interior design fees, project management fees or all three.  The most important part of any budget is to establish the clients long or short-term objectives with the property.


If you could change the world with one sentence, what would it be:

Woof wooooooof woof wo wof wof woof

Translates to…

“Make chocolate safe to eat for dogs”