Rebecca Barnes, an established interior designer, started her design career at Northbrook College of Design in West Sussex, then moved to London to work for ‘Lifestyles Interiors’ under the infamous ‘Northacre Group’ with Helen Green. After several years working with the designer, the developer, their architects and running the residential department of Lifestyle Interiors within the group she then ventured out running her own interior design business in London for a further 18 years.

Once starting a family of her own and existing clients requiring her company’s extensive services in the countryside she decided it was the right time to move her and her family back to her roots and bring the business with her.

Over 25 years has bought a wealth of experience where Rebecca has worked on a range of properties locally and internationally, from concept to completion for private residences, family homes, yachts, developer show houses and commercial properties.  Always being true to her ethos of understanding elegant and intelligent design, with sustainable interior solutions for the client.

Rebecca has now successfully opened her own showroom in Petersfield, Hampshire allowing her showcase suppliers they have worked with for years. Recently, wanting to support the community she is now displaying talented artists and utilising local trades for their clients’ building works with her team of designers, CAD technician and project manager.