Rebecca Barnes Designs is with you every step of the way,

from concept to completion

1. Concept Development

CAD design
CAD design

Understanding why you are considering changing your home. The benefits, the value, the long term and short-term impacts. Where to start, what to consider in this process to avoid the common mistakes. We can provide guidance and direction, for the experts, required to ensure a seamless transition from initial ideas to a finalised concept, fully approved to take to the next stage of detailed interior design options.

• Architectural Elements & special planning
• Architect Liaison
• Pre-planning & planning
• Structural Liaison & unknowns

2. Interior Architecture

Translating the completed architectural blueprint into spaces that compliments the existing structure and surrounding environment.
We identify the most intelligent effective use of the entire interior to accommodate the nuclear family. This may include consideration of storage, utility room, boot room, coat cupboards, kitchen usage, entertaining, dressing room, wardrobes, bathroom storage, general joinery, such as, library shelving and storage. Specialised joinery incorporating designs to house vivariums, fish tanks, dog beds, housing a 200 piece dinner service.

• Space planning
• CAD drawings
• Elevations
• Render Drawing
• Electrical, lighting design
• Joinery, Kitchen design
• Bathroom design

CAD design
Architectural Concept

3. Interior Design

Articulating the completed visual concepts into tangible systematic plans for the final inspirational schemes prior to purchasing decisions.
We identify interior solutions for the working space of the room schemes incorporating style and substance for the effective aesthetics as well as functionality.

This includes consideration of all elements relating to the completed designs. Comprehensive detailed quote encompassing every finite detail. Sourcing of furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), once schemes and costs are approved by the client, is then moved to the stage of procurement.

• Design detail – elements of the design brief
• Interpreting the brief to physical concepts and schemes
• Adaptability
• Budget

4. Procurement

Setting the detailed critical path. The expertise and experience of RBD enables the comprehensive ‘critical path’ to be implemented.
What is the ‘critical path’? The critical path is the most pivotal aspect of the entire project where unforeseen circumstances can arise.
RBD have the adaptability and expertise to minimise the impact. This is achieved by the effective communication and collaboration with all parties concerned.

• Appointment of contractors or instruction of trades
• Buying/Purchasing
• Project Management
• Timeline, Programme of Works

timeless elegance

5. Installation

Hand crafted staircase with just a hint of Naval design

There are two stages of the installation remit. First fix, as it is referred to in the industry, is about the positioning of permanent fixtures, such as, plumbing, heating, electrical cabling including audio visual requirements. Thereafter, the second fix, is the final installation of joinery, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, decorative lighting, switch plates, door and window furniture.

To place the FF&E in locations mapped out detailed in the design brief, finalising the overall design with the attention to artwork, accessories, cushions, throws, decorative mirrors, plants and candles.

• Receive goods
• Dress and Style
• Snagging
• Handover